The objective for this project at Influential was to demonstrate our production capabilities when proposing to future campaigns, while working with large social media influencers to drive engagement and awareness.

We took the popular “Expectation VS Reality” theme and filmed each version of a scene using a 360 camera. Both scenes were filmed in full 360, then the “expectation” side and the “reality” side were then edited together so that the scene started off with you facing the expectation, but then when you turned around you would see the humorous reality.

These videos are best experienced with a VR headset so you can quickly look around and see what’s going on around you. If you do not have a VR headset you can still watch it on your computer or mobile devices. You’ll just need to click/tap and drag to look around. 

Dinner for One

Staying in for the night and cooking a nice dinner for yourself. You’ve saved loads of “quick and easy” recipes on Pinterest. You’ve got this!

Getting Ready for Work

Waking up, making coffee, and getting ready for work with your significant other when you only have one bathroom. Shouldn’t be toodifficult, right?


360 Fly 4K


After Effect with SkyBox VR plugin

Premiere Pro

Adobe Audition


Each scene was cut to size with Premiere Pro.

Color correction and VR editing done in After Effects.

Audio for each clip was rebuilt to add in sound effects (cars, outside noises, smoke alarm, TV, music, etc).