2017 Global Gaming Expo

International Game Technology

With a recent brand refresh, and the biggest gaming trade show of the year approaching, it was imperative that the design of IGT’s booth at the 2017 Global Gaming Expo communicated the company’s new look and feel. These efforts included wall graphics, signs, posters, digital signage, banners, animated digital banners, social media promotional graphics, as well as sales and marketing collateral.

Wall Graphics & Kiosks

Custom wall graphics were designed throughout the booth to reinforce the company’s new identity refresh. In addition to brand-consistent wall graphics were custom designed kiosks to promote specific gaming segments.

Displayed here is an example where a single kiosk needed to be branded to two different game categories. This kiosk acted as a divider between two areas of the booth. On one side was the more “hardcore” gaming category, while on the other was the “casual” gaming category. This particular kiosk was designed to accommodate both categories while differentiating them from each other. (Displayed are the mockups. Click the image to see the final result.)

Banners & Signage

Social Media

Pre-Event Countdown

Leading up to the event a series of countdown graphics were created utilizing the same imagery and messaging developed for the large promotional banners on display outside of the trade show. The graphics were shared to IGT’s social media feeds to sustain buzz surrounding the event while simultaneously providing a preview of the new products that will be on display in the booth

On-Site Live Posts

In an effort to promote the “touchless” nature of IGT’s True 4D technology while also providing insight into one of the games bonus gestures, a Boomerang-style video was created as a quick and straightforward method of delivery. In less than 12 hours of going live the video received over 1,000 views and resulted in more inquiries for IGT’s True 4D products.

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