Multi-pronged marketing approach that covers the release of three games, each on different hardware, over the course of a year.

Objective by Audience
  • Drive awareness on the power of the brand.
  • Drive incremental game placements by providing value-added marketing support to launch partners.
  • Create awareness that players can experience the brand they love on casino floors.
  • Incentivize both existing and new players to game trial and return visitation.
  • Leverage The Price is Right fans and communities to create mass market awareness.
Game Releases

The Price is Right Showcase Showdown Slots


The Price is Right Plinko Slots


The Price is Right ULTRA Video Slots


Business-to-business (B2B) approach for IGT to promote to casino operators.

Print Ads

Social Media Graphics


Player-facing assets that IGT would provide to operators for use when advertising to their players.

Print Ads

Social Media Graphics

Posters / Signage


On-Property Photo Op Kit

Photo Op kit includes backdrop, podium cutout, and Drew cutout for properties to have placed on their floor for a launch event. Players can pose for photos to share on social media for organic added media. With all of the photo op components separate pieces properties can choose how they’d like to customize their set-up.