Inspiration / Moodboard

Circular Design / Geometric Shapes

Celebration / Sparkles / Anniversary / Glitter

Geometric Shapes

Glitter / Sparkles


Iconic Wheel / Wedges

Logo & Look

Background Sequins

Teaser Background

Logo Reveal

Glittery Wedges

Pre-Launch Teaser

Social Posts / Stories

Digital Banner Ads

Home Page Hero Banners

Launch / Reveal

Social Posts / Stories

Digital Banner Ads

Home Page Hero Banners

Celebrating 25 Years of….

Then & Now

Logo Evolution

Tune In reminder

Mobile Billboard

Weekly Contests

Graphics and animations to support weekly social media contests and giveaways.

Logo Reveal Attract

Product Release Template

Calendar Animation

Reel Animation

Jackpot Trivia

Wheel o’Clock

TV Show Trivia

Wheel Animation

Winner Reveal

Cruise Giveaway

Carnival Cruise Logo

VKG / SKG Partnership

Graphics to support IGT’s partnership with Vegas Golden Knights and Vegas Silver Knights. Many in-stadium and on-air activations were initiated for this campaign.

Vacation Giveaway

On-Property Branding

Plaza WOF Zone

On-property branding for an entire section of the Plaza Casino floor dedicated to Wheel of Fortune Slots.
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Mohegan Sun Selfie Circle

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Roadshow Trailer

Big Money Week

IGT had the opportunity to take over the set of Wheel of Fortune during Big Money week to showcase our many Wheel of Fortune Slots games in celebration of our 25 years of partnership.

Set takeover mockup